The latest pupil to pass is Zoe Francis, Well Done


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 Theory Test PRO is an online Theory website where you can go on and practice your theory tests as many times as you want to.

 This service is free to any pupils who are currently having lessons with Garry Froggatt School Of Motoring. All you have to do is tell me that you want to be enrolled, and with your email address, I will enroll you.

The benefits to this are as follows


 theory_test_pro_leaderboard (3)   I consider my pupils to be worth the monthly amount this site cost’s me. Some Instructors will charge, but to my pupils it is free as long as you are having lessons with me.

If you stop having lessons then I may remove you from entering the site.


 theorytestpro_tcm46-273906      Go on, tell me you want enrolling, What have you got to lose?