The latest pupil to pass is Zoe Francis, Well Done

Pass plus is further training that you can do once you have past your test.
There is no test in the Pass plus course. All you have to do is the 6 modules with a registered Pass plus Instructor. Each module must be a minimum of 1 hour’s tuition. At the end, I fill in the form which we both sign, and I send it off to the DSA. They send you a certificate with a serial number on it.
You give this serial number to your insurance company.

The advantages are that some insurance companies will give you a discount if you complete Pass Plus. The other advantage is the extra training will benefit you as it will take your skill to another level. I always take my pupils to places they have never been to before. Motorways are a part of Pass Plus and you will gain the knowledge and confidence to drive on them yourselves on your own in the future.

The six modules are

• Town Driving
• Country Roads
• All Weather Driving
• Night Time Driving
• Dual Carriageways
• Motorways

All weather driving and night driving will vary according to the time of year.
If this cannot be done in practice then the rules say I must teach you this in theory

The Pass Plus course can be structured around your lifestyle. As long as the 6 hours are completed, how it is achieved is left to the pupil and the instructor.

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