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Quotes from Pupils!

Pupils say the funniest things!

From time to time Pupils say the funniest of things in the car during lessons. What makes them so funny is they are said so innocently and usually on the spur of the moment. It’s only when they think about what they have said, they realise this.

I think they should be recorded here for all to see.

Watch this space. As they say it, I will record it.


Myself: Let’s say that the next parked car we overtake, we catch our door mirror with the driver’s door mirror and break it off. What would we do?
Pupil Stop and give insurance details.
Myself We don’t need to give insurance details but we do need to give driver’s name and address, along with vehicle reg number.
Pupil OK
Myself What else must we do before leaving?
Pupil Give the bloke his door mirror back.



Myself: What is this type of pedestrian crossing called as we pulled up at it.
Pupil A puffin crossing.
Myself well done that’s correct, what are the red knobbly bits on the floor called where the pedestrian stands and who are they for?
Pupil BRAILE For the blind.
Myself I explained that Braille is where the blind read with their hands, not their feet, Its called Tactile.



Myself looking down the road, what gives you cause for concern?
Pupil well, I need to plan to overtake this bicyclist.(buy sit clist)
Myself I asked if this was a cyclist on a bicycle
Pupil After a few seconds thought, yes that’s what I meant.



Pupil driving down road on housing estate, approaching a skip on our side of road.
Pupil moves out to pass it but then aborts due to oncoming vehicle.
oncoming vehicle flashes for us to go past.

Pupil I’m going to pass it as I think its safe now he’s flashed me.
Myself thank him as you go past then.
Pupil What! with my hand.
Myself No, send him an email.



I asked several pupils, Who can cross on one of the new Pegasus crossings?
here are some of the answers:

Pupil one Disabled people,
Myself how do you reach that answer?
Pupil one Pegasus=peg legs=disabled people,
I swear its true.
Pupil two paratroopers
I didn’t asked why
Pupil three I don’t know,
Myself pedestrians and horses.
Pupil How does the horse press the button?
Myself It doesn’t, the rider does.
Pupil oh


I swear I have the best job in the world.



Pupil there isn’t many rabbits on this industrial estate tonight
Myself No, I haven’t seen any for ages now
Pupil perhaps they have all hibernated
Myself rabbits don’t hibernate
Pupil they do
Myself they don’t
Pupil DO
Myself DONT
Pupil well thumper did in Bambi
Myself and you want to learn to drive



Myself When can we cross the solid white line in the middle of the road
Pupil I dont know?
Myself What about if we have to turn right into a road or drive?
Pupil oh yes I see what you mean
Myself when else can we cross the white line?
Pupil (after some thought) When we are turning left into a road or drive



Myself As we do this left reverse, we need to reverse back in a straight line
Pupil ok
Myself As we lose sight of the kerb in this left mirror. What should we do?
Pupil move the mirror!



Pupil Whilst driving down the road, pupil says “is that Wingfield Manor”
Myself yes, do you know who lived there
Pupil Mary Queen of Scots
Myself that’s correct, do you know how she died?
Pupil yes, she was killed



Myself What two methods are there for turning right against on coming right turners at a crossroads
Pupil Nearside to nearside and errrr the other side to the other side.



Myself Having now seen the wheelie bins, What sort of lorry might we see down this road.
Pupil Oh er er er er wheelie bin lorry.



Myself How can we check the brake lights are working on this car.
Pupil I press the brake pedal and you go and check.
Myself Good, is there any other way.
Pupil Herm, you press the brake pedal and I’ll go and check.



My pupil and myself was driving down a road, which from the view ahead showed we were going to go over a bridge with railway lines underneath. The view over the bridge was not visible. I was thinking what surprises may lie on the other side.

Myself What might we see as we go over this railway bridge? .
Pupil Herm, trains going underneath!.



In the car on the morning of picking up a pupil who had a test an hour later.

Myself Are you going to pass this test today then?
Pupil I have got to.
Myself Why because of work, husband, kids?
Pupil No, because I have promised my dog I am going to take him to Skegness if I pass. He is old and never been to Skeggy.