The latest pupil to pass is Zoe Francis, Well Done

Other types of lessons are available.


Whilst it is true that the bulk of my work is with learner drivers who are looking to change their lives by passing the driving test, and enjoying the freedom it gives them. However Garry Froggatt School Of Motoring offers more than just teaching new drivers.

I try to encourage parents to take a greater interest in their child’s learning by offering them the opportunity to sit in on a lesson and observe. When I am talking to parents, I often hear the same thing from them, and that is, if they had to sit their driving test today, they would probably fail. As driving is probably the most dangerous thing that we do on a daily basis, it is alarming that most people feel they could not meet the basic requirements of passing a driving test. As we do not, as of yet have routine testing in this country we do not know what percentage would pass, but the fact that parents feel they wouldn’t pass shows they know their driving at times, would fall short of what is expected of them

As instructors we clearly see on a daily basis that the standards of some drivers are appalling. If the Gas man came to fix your boiler and told you they would not pass their Gas exams if they had to sit them again, would you let them loose on your boiler?


Garry Froggatt School Of Motoring offers refresher lessons to anyone who feels that they could benefit from improving their driving. It may be any aspect of their driving that they feel that is below the standard they would like it to be. Whilst a bad attitude can be a cause of bad driving, It’s unlikely these people will seek help to better their driving because they will tend to see everyone else as the problem. Poor eyesight can be a reason, We know at the age of 40, eyesight does deteriorate gradually, and because it is gradual, we do not notice it. As vision is a key requirement to move a vehicle from A to B, it stands to sense if someone’s vision is poor then so will their ability to judge things.

There are many other things I would look for in a persons driving to help me to help them, achieve what they want to achieve. However that person needs the want to improve.


I already have a page devoted to Pass Plus, so more information can be found there. Apart of Pass Plus is motorways, however if you do not want to do Pass Plus, then doing a motorway lesson on its own would be very beneficial.



Whether you have just passed your test or have a fear of motorways, I can help you get the confidence and the skills you will need to drive on Britain’s motorways. Do you understand what ATM is on the motorways? Would you know how to get to the nearest emergency telephone?

To get the skills to drive on the motorway, why not book a motorway lesson?  M1

M1 Sign


How far away is the next sign informing you of this exit?





 Mock Tests

 As my pupils get near to test standard, I then take them down the road of being mock tested. I have been on a DSA mock testers course and passed that. That involved a complete day in the classroom understanding how a DSA examiner would mark a driving test marking sheet. Their approach to marking is different to how an instructor would look at a fault. With a test at the end of the class and delivering a mock test in practice with the course tutor on a separate day, a DSA accredited certificate is issued to successful applicants.

So if you want to sit a mock driving test to the same standard as an examiner marks, then this is available as well.

older drivers

 From time to time, I have older drivers approach me requesting an assessment of their driving. This could be just for a reassurance that they are safe in what they do. It could be they are wondering if they should stop driving as their health cause them physical problems. Age in itself is not a reason for giving up driving, but more advice can be found for older drivers at

If you feel you would benefit from an assessment, then Garry Froggatt School Of Motoring could provide this.



 Garry Froggatt School Of Motoring can offer lessons in basic car maintenance. Take for instance that you had a puncture. Would you know how to change a wheel? With a little thought about safety, and with the correct tools, changing a wheel is not difficult to an able bodied person.

Take for instance that the fuse blew that feeds your windscreen wipers. Would you know how to change it? Trying to drive with no wipers could be dangerous if it rains, or you need to clear the windscreen suddenly. Also you would be breaking the law driving a vehicle that is defective. Of course if you are a member of a breakdown organisation then they would do what’s needed to get you going, but you might have to wait in a que for their arrival.


Have you ever thought when filling your car up with fuel, just how much it’s costing you per week to run that hunk of metal?                                                                                                                

Okay, so we know fuel is expensive, but how many miles are you getting to the gallon? I’m confident that unless you have had any refresher driver training recently, I think I can save you money.

Whether your vehicle is petrol or diesel, it doesn’t matter, poor driving techniques will use more fuel. Do you understand what the “over run” is?   Do you understand about block changing of the gears ? Where are you looking when you are driving? There are so many factors that affect your fuel economy, and I am confident that some of these can be changed to make a difference to how much you hand over the next time you fill up.

IMG_0001    It’s your choice, but Garry Froggatt School Of Motoring can help you, Why not book a lesson now and see if one hour of your money and time, can start improving the miles you do for the fuel you buy?