The latest pupil to pass is Zoe Francis, Well Done

More about Lessons

On our first lesson, If you have never driven before I will drive us to a suitable place to start driving, free of heavy volumes of traffic.

I will ask you to read a number plate at the required distance.

20 metres for vehicles displaying the new-style number plate
20.5 metres for vehicles displaying old-style number plates

 After this, I will give you a Garry Froggatt School Of Motoring welcome pack.

I will ask you to read and sign a set of terms & conditions. Do not be put off by this.                                                 All Instructors, should have these as part of being a responsible business.                                                                               More about my terms & conditions can be found under the Home menu.

   You will also be given a Progress Report booklet.

         This is used to record what you have been taught. It also allows us to record the level you are at in each subject. It also allows others like your parents to see where you are making progress.

    All instructors should be recording your progress, using a marking system with you on lessons.

     Each lesson will be based on, building on what you learnt last.  We will follow a structured syllabus taking you through things stage by stage at your pace.

Please do not be afraid to ask questions. I promise I won’t bite. I will ask you questions relating to your thinking and perception of events as we see them. I will not ridicule you on your answers, but funny comments may find their way on to my (pupils say the funniest of things) page of this website. Rest assured you will not be named.

About My Car:

     Meet the  Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCI Titanium Econetic