The latest pupil to pass is Zoe Francis, Well Done

I have decided to write reviews on this page of items or company’s, that Garry Froggatt School of Motoring has used.

 I would like to start by saying that recently, I have had some rear end damage to my Ford Fiesta Tuition Vehicle.

I have had sleepless nights recently wondering how I was going to get it repaired to a high standard without paying high dealer prices. Then I was introduced to Darren, of Auto Body Tech Repair. 

Having heard so many horror stories about some car repair company’s, I was worried, I can tell you.   I met with Darren, I showed him the work required, and was given a quote which I couldn’t believe.  I expected a far higher quote, given the amount of work needed. I arrange a day and took the vehicle to him, however he does travel to you if required.      

Well today 19th Sept 2014, the work was carried out and completed in less than 6 hours, at his premises

Wow,  What a superb job he has made of it. The bumper had to come off, dents removed, damage repaired, painted in Fords Copper Pulse metallic colour,  and refitted back centrally, with everything fitting perfectly.  The car looks like a new car on the back now. I looked closely knowing what I had damaged, and I could not see any traces of any damage at all.

To say I’m chuffed is an understatement, I am thoroughly pleased with the work, with the price, and with the pleasant way the whole job has been done. I need not have worried as the whole process was a brilliant. Whilst I hope I never need car repairs again, In my profession that is very unlikely, So I will be keeping his business card in my vehicle, and without any hesitation, I would use his services again.

It takes a lot for me to recommend tradesmen, But I certainly WOULD recommend this guy to anyone.


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Give Him A Try,