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When was the last time you read the Highway Code?

It’s not just for learners you know.


So when was it then? Probably when you had to take your driving test eh?

                               Because of Copyright laws, I cannot put the Highway Code on here in it’s entire form.

the-official-highway-code                                                     However I can talk about it.                                                                                    

Here at Garry Froggatt School Of Motoring, It is strongly recommended that you make a copy available for you to read, After all it does contain all the knowledge and up to date information for the rules of the road. If you are waiting for some one to knock on your door and tell you all what’s new on Britain’s roads, then you will wait a long time.

So why don’t many drivers  go out and purchase a copy?

Is it because they know everything in its contents? Or Is it because they think it doesn’t apply to them? Remember it’s not just for drivers, It is for all road users, whether you are a cyclist, a horse rider, or a pedestrian. Judging by the poor standards of driving I see on the roads every day, I think people could benefit hugely from seeing a copy.

One of the ways I have said many times before of getting drivers to read it, is to introduce the theory test to be taken every ten years in line with the driving licence photo renewal. This could be set up with ease and would force drivers to have to brush up on their knowledge. Of course most would object to this because of the fear of failing it, so it is unlikely to ever get implemented.

On average 6 people die each day and 70 are seriously injured in road collisions, but you know it’s not going to be you, or do you?


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Some good tips here, but to bring yourself up to date with all the rules then feel free to purchase a copy.