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You may have seen a lot of High-Visibility Patrol Vehicles driving up and down Britain’s Motorways, and been mistaken for thinking that they are Police vehicles putting out more patrols.

Well these new patrols are actually Highways Agency Traffic Officers. In this section I have decided to devote some time to explain to you, just what these people are and what their role is. I will explain what they are and what they do, and I hope to add some pictures further down this section, to show you, what they look like.

Theses Men and Women who are Highly trained professionals, patrol the motorways in their High-visibility vehicles. Their aim is to keep traffic moving at accident scenes, and assist motorists who are in danger, or in need of help whilst recovery services are on their way. They recover debris from the carriageway, and try to get the road network moving as quick as possible.

Highways Agency Traffic Officers are not there to enforce the law, however they do have the power, to close roads and direct traffic. It is an offence not to comply with their directions, or to ignore their instructions.

Traffic Officers are supported by regional control centres, who monitor the motorways via CCTV cameras. They will then direct their patrols to any incident that needs them.

Next time your travelling on a motorway, please look out for them. Their vehicles will say Traffic Officer on the sides, and on the front of the vehicle. They have orange and red flashing lights on the roof.

The Photographs here are kindly supplied by The Highways Agency, and are the copyright of the Highways Agency. I have been given permission to display them here on my site.